Dienstag, 20. Dezember 2011

Claudia hat ein Gedicht in ihrem Englisch-Forum vorgelesen

hen you know me..
when I be a part of your life..
Day by day
you will find out
you have no excuse to be disappointed or desperate .
you will find out the world is wider than your sadness,
stronger than your fears,
and more beautiful than your current life.
You will find out the life has more colors than the white and black.
And you will fall in love as never before.
My mission is not to make you discover another colors around you,
but to make you discover the colors inside your soul .
to discover the code of happiness in your heart..
you have the face which gets my attention ,
and all what you need
to explode the energy of love inside me
just to get my attention.

Your sweet gaze is the spark of warm fire
And I'm sure that what you need.

I need you to love.
And you need me to be happy .
the world Is a lover man like me.
You could love someone whom younger or more handsome …
and you may have fun with him..
You may spend trips,
And watch movies..
and share him the same bed.
But the question will remain:
why there is still an emptiness in your soul
and a fear in your heart,
and your current life is not the life you want..

when you feel that ..
don't pour more drink into your glass..
the matter is that your young partner could not think like me ..
could not hug like me..
could not be a talented lover like me..

by Jamil

Schöne Stimmen können eben aus Worten sehr viel machen.

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